Shabbat Services, Torah portion Lekh Lekha


Saturday, November 5, 2022, 10:00 am

On  Saturday, November 5, we'll be gathering at St. Albans at 1501 Washington Avenue in Albany from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, to celebrate Shabbat, or you can participate via the Zoom link posted below.  We'll also have a potluck kiddush lunch -- indoors -- for those who are comfortable. 

The Torah portion for the week is Lekh Lekha, when Abram and Sarai change their names as they change their relationship with the Divine.  We'll take this opportunity to explore how and why people change their names. 

Our health protocols are described below, and we'll still be offering a Zoom option for those who are being more cautious.  Short version: bring your vax card and your mask. Also, feel free to invite a friend to the service!  We have opened up to guests again.

Health Protocols:

1. We ask that only vaccinated people attend.
2. Per the protocols of St. Albans, the front door will be locked. We will have a greeter at the front door until around 10:20 or so. If you arrive after that time, please text the phone number indicated on the small sign that will be posted on the front door and someone will come down to let you in. 
3. There will be a sign-in sheet (and sanitizer) at the bottom of the stairs. Please print your name on the sheet before entering the service.  (This is also required by St. Albans to allow for contact tracing if necessary.) 
4. Masks will be optional, except when we are bunched together around the Torah during the Torah Service, when masks will be required.
5. We will generally stay at least 5 feet apart, except when gathered around the Torah, when we will be masked.
6. We will open windows on both sides of the room to allow good air circulation, so it may be a bit chilly inside. Dress accordingly. 
7. We will set up the chairs ~ 5 feet apart.  Households may sit closer together.
8. After the service, we'll give people a little time to decide if they are staying for blessings over juice and challah.
9. The community will provide juice and challah for all.
10.  If you'd like to stay for a potluck lunch, please bring an item to share that is vegetarian (kosher fish okay).  We have a practice of labelling ingredients for reasons of individual allergies or diets.

You may also choose to participate in the service on Zoom.  The link and password are posted below.  We ask that if you have any symptoms that could possibly indicate Covid that you stay home and participate via Zoom.

Zoom link for Or Zarua:
Meeting ID: 688 039 1088
Passcode: uplift


St Albans Church
1501 Washington Ave
94706 Albany , CA